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Owen & Abi

A small business with a mission!  Here’s Katy’s story about how her passion helps families meet basic needs.

“I started my “skirt for a skirt” project in June of this year. I wanted to use my passion for creating to extend help and love to others. I reached out to a local organization here in Portland called the Nothwest Children’s Outreach. This organization helps needy children and their families with the very basic needs, like clothing, shoes, jackets and hygiene kits. One thing that these children are not used to is receiving brand new, handmade boutique type items. So for every skirt I sell on my website I donate one skirt to the organization. I’ve grown to really love the people I work with at the center and I feel truly humbled and honored to give to this organization . It’s a little bit of myself that I can give back and share with others.”

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I am so impressed with the quality of these skirts.  So adorable and the mission is incredible!  Visit Katy’s shop, Owen &  Abi to see more skirts and accessories!

Thanks for sharing your heart, Katy!  xoxo


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