Snuggle Me Organic Review

A non sleeping baby is no joke – I’m sure many of you can attest to that. I’m not sure if I just missed all of the great products out there with my first two or if they weren’t available, but wow!  I have found so many great things this time around, being my third.

I recently had the opportunity to review a cushion from Snuggle Me Organic, and it has been amazing!  I wish I knew about it when Adelise was a tiny newborn because I know it would have helped a lot!  She was only napping 20 minutes at a time for so long and it was exhausting!  But – it’s great for bigger babies too.  🙂 Adelise is 4 months old now and we use it daily!



I love that it fits right inside of her bassinet and gives her the sensation of being held while keeping her safely on her back.  I think maybe the most exciting part to me is that I can use it when we travel.  We often visit family out of town and bringing this cushion along will be a life saver every time!

We also use it a lot on the living room floor.  I can put her in it and she easily stays content while I fold laundry, start dinner, etc. Things that can be hard to do with a baby!  My big kids love it too because they can sit on the floor and play with her and she actually lays there happily entertained by them.  They would actually lay in it if I let them. 😉



This cushion has been a great, sleep changing tool for us.  We received the organic cotton/hypoallergenic poly version and it is so soft and such great quality!

“We use 100% organic cotton twill for the cushion covering and 100% organic cotton fleece for our hand-made removable covers. They are then filled with hypo-allergenic polyester fiber fill making for a machine washable and durable cushion.” 

The center sling technology makes this cushion like no other:

“Because of our exclusive, patented, sling design, the Snuggle Me will gently cradle baby. This one-of-a-kind feature creates a hammock-like effect (a snuggle) allowing baby to remain securely & safely on their back.”

What baby doesn’t like to feel like they’re being held?!  You can see how snug she is in it.  Being a shop that offers organic baby clothing, I really appreciate the value and quality of a hand crafted product like this.  You can’t go wrong investing is something that will change the way your baby sleeps and being able to use it as a lounger is just an added bonus!

Other uses include:

tummy time
infant massage
acid reflux relief
as a changing station

Snuggle Me Organic has mastered the design of these baby cushions. Be sure to check out the other versions they offer!

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